All the Ways A Lawyer Helps

Legal First Responders

SBM President Jennifer Grieco

Part 1 of a 2-Part Series

State Bar of Michigan President Jennifer Grieco has been a long-time advocate for increased access to justice for all.  President Grieco proudly joins many other Michigan attorneys who support increased access, considering pro bono legal service and financial support for access to justice a personal endeavor and an aspirational obligation.  Only with the combined efforts of this group of attorneys and many other dedicated stakeholders in the civil justice system will Michigan be able to one day achieve 100 percent access to justice for all.

A subgroup of these attorneys supporting increased access to justice has recently been identified as legal first responders. In her October 2018 Michigan Bar Journal President’s Page, President Grieco described legal first responders as a group of attorneys that quickly mobilize to volunteer in times of urgent legal needs. Whether helping victims of a natural disaster hundreds of miles away or victims of a flood in a nearby Michigan community, legal first responders quickly mobilize to help when and where the need arises.

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