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e-Journal Number : 40363
Opinion Date : 08/26/2008
e-Journal Date : 09/04/2008
Court : Michigan Court of Appeals
Case Name : Coleman v. Young
Practice Area(s) : Personal Protection Orders
Judge(s) : Memorandum - Schuette, Zahra, and Owens
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Dismissal of appeal as moot; Motion to terminate a personal protection order (PPO); In re Contempt of Dudzinski; Federated Publ'ns, Inc. v. Lansing


The court dismissed the respondent's appeal as moot. Because the PPO expired on April 24, 2008, it was either impossible or unnecessary for the court to provide the remedies sought by respondent. Since the PPO expired by its own terms, respondent would not be entitled to a separate hearing involving only the PPO issued to petitioner. The court could not dissolve an already expired PPO. Further, the issues were without public significance so the court declined to address them.

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