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e-Journal Number : 44090
Opinion Date : 10/20/2009
e-Journal Date : 10/26/2009
Court : Michigan Court of Appeals
Case Name : Corson v. Altus
Practice Area(s) : Personal Protection Orders
Judge(s) : Per Curiam - Fort Hood, Sawyer, and Donofrio
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Motion to terminate a PPO; Mootness; B P 7 v. Bureau of State Lottery; Hayford v. Hayford


The order of the circuit court denying the respondent's motion to terminate a PPO was dismissed as moot. Because the PPO in this case expired on July 21, 2009, it was impossible or unnecessary for the court to fashion any remedy, even if any of respondent's objections were found to have merit. Because the PPO expired by its own terms, there was nothing for the court to dissolve, and a remand to the trial court for a new hearing would serve no purpose. Further, the court held the issues were without public significance, and respondent did not provide any collateral negative consequence of the continued existence of the now expired PPO of sufficient import to compel the court review of its merits.

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