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How to Incorporate LEAN

After deciding that document automation will become part of your workflow, the next step is thinking through how you might go about implementing this powerful technology. You can jump to these topics clicking the boxes below.

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8 wastes of DOWNTIME


DOWNTIME is the acronym that people use to remember the 8 common wastes.

  • DEFECTS: Rework, Errors
    • Missed deadline
    • Data entry errors
    • Incomplete Forms
    • Incomplete Drafts
    • Any omission on required processes or documents
  • OVERPRODUCTION: Processing More than what’s required
    • Producing too many copies of a document
    • Sending emails or reports more frequently than needed
  • WAITING: Waiting for an employee or client's input before proceeding to the next step
    • Waiting for client's or employee's response
    • Waiting on email replies
    • Waiting for document reviews
    • Slow computer processing
  • NON-UTILIZED TALENT:  Not maximizing Staff to their full potential or capacity
    • Idle team members due to limited authority and responsibility
    • Employee assigned to the wrong job
  • TRANSPORTATION:  Unnecessary Movement of Items
    • Excessive document hand-offs
    • Unnecessary movement of documents from one department to another
  • INVENTORY:  Storing Material or Resources More
    • Holding on to too many copies of documents
    • Files and documents waiting to be processed
  • MOTION: Unnecessary movement exerted by people
    • Unnecessary/too many steps in a process
    • Longer time to look for a file because of disorganization
  • EXCESSIVE PROCESSING: Unnecessary movement exerted by people
    • Duplicating Data
    • Using Multiple Systems to handle client data and documentation

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