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PMRC Virtual Seminars - 2021

Virtual seminars from the Practice Management Resource Center feature free or low-cost presentations on tech competence, practice management, and risk management.

The Paperless Law Firm – A Digital Dream

PMRC Virtual Seminar: The Paperless Law Firm – A Digital Dream

Get the best practices and tools you need to go paperless in this virtual seminar 2-3 p.m. Nov. 17.  

Join the PMRC virtual seminar, “The Paperless Law Firm – A Digital Dream,” featuring speakers Daniel  J. Siegel and JoAnn L. Hathaway. This virtual seminar will provide policies, procedures, and best practices to attorneys looking to go paperless or use less paper in their law firm.  Attendees will walk away with skills to help their practice, including the ability to:

  • Provide better services to clients with enhanced procedures and policies.  
  • Increase efficiency to allow the firm to bill more hours.  
  • Decrease stress by having organized and digital filing practices.  
  • Find the right software and systems to go digital.  

This seminar is 2 to 3 p.m. Nov. 17, 2021, via Zoom. It is free and available to all members of the State Bar of Michigan and their staff.

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Speaker Bios:  
Daniel J. Siegel
Attorney Daniel J. Siegel is the president of Integrated Technology Services LLC, which assists law firms and businesses by helping them implement technology and improve their workflows. He is the principal of the Law Offices of Daniel J. Siegel LLC and uses his insights as an attorney to assist technology clients. Contact

JoAnn L. Hathaway  
JoAnn L. Hathaway is the practice management advisor for the State Bar of Michigan. She previously worked as a legal liability claims director, risk manager, paralegal, and legal administrator. She is an Adobe Certified Expert, a Certified Clio Product Pro, and holds software certifications in LexisNexis Time Matters and Billing Matters software. She is the author of the ABA publication, “Legal Malpractice Insurance in One Hour for Lawyers.” She is a frequent speaker on law firm technology, insurance, and risk and practice management topics.

Business Continuity for Law Offices in the Face of Coronavirus

A free on-demand virtual seminar for Michigan lawyers

This all-inclusive virtual seminar will teach you the steps you need to take to develop your remote practice, from setup to running at full throttle. Mobility and efficient remote access were important even before the COVID-19 pandemic, but in a situation like this they can be the difference between the life or death of your practice.

Attorney and legal technologist Barron Henley shares, among other things, what you need to know to:

  • Build a reliable electronic filing system, including the hardware, software, and necessary protocols for functioning with less paper and remotely accessing your files
  • Understand how VoIP works and the many mobile communication options available to you
  • Set up remote access for billing and accounting, and matter management
  • Draft documents using templates, document assembly, and speech recognition
  • Get documents remotely signed and notarized
  • Understand cloud concepts including software-as-a-service and hosted servers
  • Secure and protect your client data
  • Build out your home workspace

The full virtual seminar runs about two hours. The State Bar of Michigan has made it available on-demand, so you can watch it on your own time.

You can download the materials referenced in the virtual seminar here.


  • What Constitutes A Business Disaster?—1:55
  • Causes—4:19
  • Practice From Anywhere—6:03
  • Remote Working Checklist—13:34
  • What Will The New Normal Look Like?—17:39
  • Electronic Filing System—25:45
    • Step 1: Bullet-Proof Backup & Security—32:20
    • Step 2: The Hardware—37:29
    • Step 3: Searchable PDFs—50:59
    • Step 4: Search Program or Document Management System—59:02
    • Step 5: If No DMS—1:04:28
    • Step 6: Digitize Everything—1:08:05
    • Step 7: Email Stored Outside Email Program—1:11:23
    • Step 8: Collaborative Tools—1:16:03
    • Step 9: Write it Down & Get Trained—1:16:55
  • Accessing Files Remotely—1:19:48
  • Hardware Considerations—1:23:10
  • Mobile Communications—1:37:33
  • Getting Documents Signed—1:44:37
  • Security & Protecting Client Data—1:46:17
  • Cloud Systems—1:53:47
  • Drafting Documents—1:57:22
  • Home Workspace—2:00:26

If you have a question about something in the virtual seminar, email Barron Henley.


Barron K. Henley, Esq. is one of the founding partners of Affinity Consulting Group, a legal technology consulting firm focused on automating and streamlining law firms and legal departments. He earned his B.S./B.A. (marketing and economics) and J.D. from The Ohio State University and is a member of the American, Ohio and Columbus Bar Associations, and the Worthington Estate Planning Council. He is a Fellow in the College of Law Practice Management, a member of Ohio Supreme Court Commission on Technology and the Courts, and a member of both the ABA Law Practice Management and the Real Property Trust and Estate Law ("RPTE") Sections. He's a former member of RPTE Futures Task Force, a former Board Member for the ABA TECHSHOW, and the former Chair of the Ohio State Bar Association Law Office Automation & Technology Committee. Mr. Henley heads Affinity’s document assembly/automation and software training departments. Barron is also an expert in launching new law firms, overhauling existing firms, and documenting and re-engineering law firm processes. Finally, Barron teaches continuing legal education (CLE) classes throughout the U.S. and Canada covering a wide variety of topics related to law practice management, technology and ethics.

Barron K. Henley, Esq.

Barron K. Henley, Esq.
Affinity Consulting

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