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The State Bar of Michigan Practice Management Resource Center regularly offers virtual seminars to Michigan lawyers to help them improve their practice. The majority of our webinars are offered free and can be watched at your leisure. Topics include a variety of topics by experts in their field. Register for an upcoming virtual seminar below or checkout all our virtual seminars on YouTube. They are collected in a single playlist to make it easy for you to browse past webinars based on your interests and needs.

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PMRC Virtual Seminar Banner - Learn how to litigate on an iPad

Register Here for the PMRC Seminar

Do you know how to use an iPad to enhance your practice? Join us for a “iLitigate on an iPad workshop”  with Brett Burney from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Wednesday, January 18, 2023.

This event is co-sponsored by the State Bar of Michigan and the Litigation Section.

In the session, Burney will cover how the iPad can be helpful in your practice and how to copy the documents you need from your computer over to your iPad. He will also teach you how to summarize transcripts from depositions and hearings on your iPad for quick reference and searchability, create helpful reports, and conduct review and e-discovery, manage transcripts and present from your iPad during trial. 

The workshop is from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. Wednesday, January 18, 2023, via Zoom. The cost is $20 for law students, $25 for SBM members, and $50 for SBM non-members. The deadline to register is January 16, 2023.

Speaker bio:

Brett Burney speaks nationwide about technology-related topics to lawyers and legal groups. He is an advocate for legal professionals taking advantage of technology, helps firms overcome e-discovery challenges, and teaches lawyers how to integrate Mac and iOS devices into their practices. He is co-author of the American Bar Association book, "Macs in Law: The Definitive Guide for the Mac-Curious, Windows-Using Attorney" and served as chair of the ABA TECHSHOW Planning Board in 2015.

The full virtual seminar runs about two hours. The State Bar of Michigan has made it available on-demand, so you can watch it on your own time.

You can download the materials referenced in the virtual seminar here.


  • What Constitutes A Business Disaster?—1:55
  • Causes—4:19
  • Practice From Anywhere—6:03
  • Remote Working Checklist—13:34
  • What Will The New Normal Look Like?—17:39
  • Electronic Filing System—25:45
    • Step 1: Bullet-Proof Backup & Security—32:20
    • Step 2: The Hardware—37:29
    • Step 3: Searchable PDFs—50:59
    • Step 4: Search Program or Document Management System—59:02
    • Step 5: If No DMS—1:04:28
    • Step 6: Digitize Everything—1:08:05
    • Step 7: Email Stored Outside Email Program—1:11:23
    • Step 8: Collaborative Tools—1:16:03
    • Step 9: Write it Down & Get Trained—1:16:55
  • Accessing Files Remotely—1:19:48
  • Hardware Considerations—1:23:10
  • Mobile Communications—1:37:33
  • Getting Documents Signed—1:44:37
  • Security & Protecting Client Data—1:46:17
  • Cloud Systems—1:53:47
  • Drafting Documents—1:57:22
  • Home Workspace—2:00:26