Diversity & Inclusion Advisory Committee

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Support the diversity goals of the SBM Strategic Plan by:

  • Identifying strategies to promote a diverse and inclusive voice in all State Bar of Michigan work and communications.
  • Recommending practices, tools and strategies to advance diversity and inclusion at the SBM staff level, section and committee levels, and throughout the justice system.
  • Encouraging examination of the status of diversity and inclusion efforts of Michigan law firms, courts, and law schools.
  • Suggesting methods for celebrating successful diversity and inclusion efforts.
  • Identifying the need for any workgroups to support the jurisdiction of the committee.
  • Identifying possible collaborations to support the committee's jurisdiction.

Notes: This committee may have more than 15 members and may include non-State Bar members. Implement the Strategic Plan though workgroups including Brunch for Bars, the Affinity Bar Summit, the Face of Justice program, and identifying the most effective and efficient means of assuring a diverse and inclusive voice in all State Bar of Michigan work.

2018-2019 Committee List

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